Chiropractic FAQ’s

Will you break my neck?

The short answer is no. Chiropractic care has consistently proven itself to be amongst the safest treatments options available. With any medical intervention, side effects to treatment are possible. Soreness after being adjusted would be the most common of these adverse effects. This soreness is caused by the body fighting the changes that the chiropractic adjustment is seeking to induce. An adjustment will create movement into a spinal joint that is not moving properly. When the body fights these changes, a slight degree of soreness is possible. The vast majority of individuals that experience soreness following treatment also report a noticeable improvement in their ability to move that displays the positive affect the adjustment helped stimulate within the body.

Do I need to come the rest of my life/ Does chiropractic actually fix the problem?

The goal of symptomatic chiropractic care is to completely resolve spinal conditions. As part of care we will not only work to rid your body of pain, but to assist individuals in identifying factors in their lives that likely contribute to their spinal pain. Unfortunately we do not live in a bubble and there are times when we place unnatural stress on our bodies that can cause discomfort. In these instances, those that have seen positive benefits of chiropractic care in the past are quick to realize what has happened and will return for treatment of the ailment.

Do you cause strokes?

Many have seen news stories claiming that chiropractic adjustments of the neck can cause a person to a stroke. Extensive research on this topic has been performed. The most recent literature clearly states that there is no correlation between the cervical (neck) adjustment and strokes. At times, chiropractors will encounter patients that are demonstrating early signs of having a stroke when they present to their office. In these situations, your chiropractor is well trained in identifying the risk factors associated with strokes and can help direct the patient to the Emergency Room to recieve proper care.

Do I need to choose either chiropractic or physical therapy?

No. Chiropractic and physical therapy are both excellent conservative care treatment options that work to improve the health of an individual. Chiropractic will focus on using the adjustment to restore joint motion. This sets off a cascade of positive benefits within the body that will help decrease pain and improve function. Physical therapy emphasizes the use of specific exercises that help strengthen muscles that are so vital to an individuals health. Chiropractic care is extremely effective in reducing pain and creating a solid foundation of health. Once the foundation has been set, physical therapy can help build up support around the structure to ensure that the area is strong and stable going forward.

Will my primary care provider be ok with me seeing a chiropractor?

At Beaver Dam Chiropractic and Rehab we work very close with primary care physicians and medical specialists. Chiropractic care is not the answer to every ailment and we are thankful to have medical doctors as colleagues that can help us work together towards restoring and promoting the health of our patients. It is our philosophy that no one provider attempt to be everything to everyone, but instead seeks to use a collaborative effort to work together for the benefit of the individual.

I don’t like the sounds of my neck cracking. Can you do anything without making my neck pop?

Absolutely! The cracking, also called a cavitation, heard is simply the creation a gas pocket within the joint. The cracking itself is not what heals a patients pain. As a result of inducing joint motion, many techniques will create a cavitation in the process. For most this is an awkward sensation at first, but they soon grown accustomed to it and overlook the matter altogether. For others, they would prefer to implement a technique where no cracking or popping is heard. At Beaver Dam Chiropractic and Rehab our focus is on creating an environment in which every patient is comfortable. This is your health care and we are honored that you are allowing us to participate in the journey of improving your health. Please make us aware of your concerns and we will be sure to use an adjusting technique that will not create any cracking.

Who should see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment option for all ages. We have patients from one week old up to 90+. Chiropractic care is important for young children to help establish a solid foundation of spinal health. Children are so incredibly resilient and most times are able to bounce back with a relatively small amount of treatment. As an individual ages, we start fighting issues that are often years in the making. Chiropractic care can still help resolve these issues but the recovery is normally not as swift as we would commonly see in a child. Degenerative changes, also known as spinal arthritis, are very common, but they should not be considered normal. The problem is that most people ignore initial signs of disfunction such as decreased range of motion and wait until they can no longer tolerate their pain. By the time treatment is sought out, the joints have had a decreased degree of motion for an extended length of time that has lead to arthritic changes. Early intervention gives an individual the best chance to recover quickly and decreases the chance that the issue will affect them going forward.

Can I see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Pregnant woman are often frustrated by the lack of safe intervention options. The good news is the chiropractic care is safe throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy. It is important that you inform your chiropractor that you are pregnant as they will want to use specific techniques and avoid certain things in order to ensure the health of both mom and baby.

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