Wrist Fractures

In the US, 1 out of every 10 broken bones diagnosed is a wrist fracture. These fractures typically occur after falling and “breaking your fall” with your arm. These fractures can happen at any age, but they are most common with children, athletes, and older adults as these populations are more susceptible to falls.

After a wrist fracture, your doctor may elect to place your wrist in a hard cast or a splint for an extended period of time while your bones heal. While immobilization is great for bone healing, it unfortunately leads to stiff joints and weak muscles which causes decreased function once the cast or splint is removed.

A physical therapist can help individuals who have sustained a wrist fracture regain normal wrist motion, strength, and function. After your cast or splint is removed, your physical therapist will examine your wrist and select treatments to improve its function by restoring strength and mobility. Physical Therapy will help to reduce pain, decrease stiffness, improve range of motion, increase strength, and improve quality of life by helping you return to daily activities and hobbies.

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